Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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The first, 

Frankie killed her small daughter. What kind of a monster could do such a thing to an innocent child? The papers screamed about this crime for weeks. It made headlines from the New York Times to the National Enquirer. Now Frankie's convicted, in the slammer forever. There's nothing more to be said ... but is there? In a macabre descent into insanity made all the more potent and horrifying by the fact that it is unveiled in the pedestrian context of visits to the prison psychologist's office, G.M. Weger, a master of psychological horror, takes us into a journey that is dark-beyond-black. Weger escorts us to the lower reaches of an internal hell in a shocking short that may make the reader want to vomit. Amazing in its power, even more so in the fact that it conveys so much venom in its brief length, Significance of the Missing White Dot goes beyond the realm of the genre into the putrescence of the human soul.

Inside a Federal office building on a defunct army base, a woman is slowly going crazy—without any tangible reason—but rather an illogical, lingering fear of losing her career, her husband, and her mind, after a co-worker is murdered. ELEVATOR GOING DOWN is a horror story about how a person can be driven over the edge of reality and slip into a world of madness.

Originally, House of Wreckers was part of a collection of twenty-five captivating, award-worthy stories published by Mozark Press in October 2010 with the theme of women living the adventure of midlife in their own unique ways. House of Wreckers shows a lighter, gentler side of G.M. Weger’s fiction. This short is about a rich snob’s unexpected holiday tryst with a tow-truck driver.  

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