Monday, June 22, 2009

La-Fi-Regret part II

Yes, children are the most vulnerable to attacks of any sort, not just mountain lions. Probably human beings are the biggest threat to little kids in a variety of ways. In “East Garrison” Officer Will Dade of the POM Police drives by a memorial to a murdered little girl. Sad truth--This is based on a real story. The offenders of the horrific crime (to date) have never been identified. And it is only one of many throughout the world. Jack would say, “At least cats do it out of physical survival.” Jack didn’t care much for humans. He lived in a world inside his mind. In Layfayette (La-Fi-Regret), we’d say, “he’s a legend in his own mind.” Completely egocentric. And thus, later in life, having had this role-modeled for her, Jack’s daughter, Tracy, starts down the same path.
To be continued…

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