Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today is a very "Planet Ord" kind of day. Can't see two feet in front of me. The fog drops quickly this time of year, a little-known secret when the touristas storm the coast in the coming summer months.

Day after tomorrow (May 9th, 2009) is my first book signing at Borders Books in Sand City from 2pm to 5 pm for my debut novel "East Garrison." I'll be bringing an assortment of mountain lion stuff to share, including two skulls, pug marks, flexible casts of paws, a claw, sounds, and various free brochures about this most misunderstood predator. Case in point, yesterday the LA Times reported on a dog who saved his owners when a mountain lion crossed their path. I say the lion is the scapegoat here. I highly doubt that any attack happened. More likely is that the cat ran, was chased by the dog, and then it turned to protect itself. But the heroic dog story makes better headlines with the familiar dog pitted against cat. The fact that Fish and Game called off the hunt for the lion says it all. Read between the lines (lions).

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