Friday, January 25, 2013

Still Waiting 

I know and you know that I've been writing a historical fiction novel for years. What you don't know is how hard it is to get any tangible pieces of the characters I'm writing about.
Not to mention the court documents, I'm talking here about trying to  find relatives who may have photos of their great-great-great grandpa, etc., the person whom you are writing about. For years I've  tried to get one particular descendant to share some photos that she says she has of my main character Thomas Rose Whitcher and his wife Phoebe Elizabeth Smith. Finally I asked the relative if I could have the address of the woman who says that she has the photos. Anyway, jump to the end, I'm still waiting.
The relative did say that she got the letter and would be sending me some stuff, but it wouldn't be until after the holidays. Today is Feb. 14. The holidays are behind us forever. I know this because I have kids. And I'm still waiting for those photos.......
Any ideas on how to sweeten the deal?

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