Friday, November 20, 2009

Stand-in war correspondent

Until the imminent writer, G.M. Weger, returns to her BLOG from her repose, Filbert Von Den Haagen will be standing in to entertain readers.

Once upon a time in a place far away called Lafiregret. You may have heard of it in the East Bay Area. The date: 1974. The business? Delta International -- a tiny, unmarked, second-story building sandwiched between a flower shop, a gift shop, a laundromat, and a rowdy cowboy bar.

For five years there has been speculation and rumor about the mysterious operation. The owner, Bob Weger, is friendly with the neighbors in the busy downtown district, but there never was much talk about what went on upstairs. From the top floor apartment, boxes of military memorabilia are shipped virtually all over the world to collectors. Weger said his clientele has included "everyone from young to old, from professionals to Hell's Angels, and pro-American historians."

Chapter 1 of RAID ON DELTA INTERNATIONAL complete with maps and illustrations to follow.

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